Enhanced ICS Forms

The Rhodium Enhanced ICS Form Module is a powerful add-on module for the Rhodium Incident Management Suite that streamlines the process of completing and publishing ICS forms and incident action plans (IAPs). Each form is deeply integrated into the Rhodium Incident Management Suite, allowing many fields to auto-populate based on existing data. Electronic publishing options allow responders to see view-only copies of the IAP directly from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, greatly reducing printing expenses.
Key Features
Familiar Layout
Easy Collaboration
Dynamic Forms
Auto-Filling Fields
Print Friendly
Electronic IAP Sharing
Mobile Friendly Data Entry
Standard FEMA or custom designs available
Share form updates from multiple devices
See only what matters
Use data already available in Rhodium Suite
Create IAPs for future events
Publish individual forms or complete IAPs
View IAPs from computers, tablets, and smartphones
Complete ICS forms on computers, tablets,
or smartphones

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